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Lab Coats Are Optional

We don't do security, and we aren't a lab (but we get that question all the time). Name confusion aside, there are lots of great reasons to work with us. We bring innovative, responsive and creative solutions to brilliant life. Our focus is on solutions that are tailored to your unique business needs.

We know how unique every business is. We build products and platforms for marketplaces, real estate, dealers and media companies. We may not be experts in every field, but we work with experts in every field to provide the perfect fit for your company.

We offer graphic design, web design, web development and email services to our clients. We also offer a foosball table in our break room and unlimited coffee. It's pretty great.

Featured Work

FarmCountryTrader.com on three screens: desktop, tablet and mobile.

When we sought to rebuild our core AutoConX architecture, our goals were a little self-serving. We wanted a better platform for our own websites. If our customers benefit in the meantime (and boy, have they), then so be it.

Our first major conversion was Farm Country Trader. Moving this flagship site over not only gave us a great real world test of the scalability and usability of the new system, but it also gave unprecedented functionality to our website management team. This all resulted in a much better product for the customers and users of the website.

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